Our Family

Key people in the Clarke & Co., Inc. family:

Mary Clarke:

Owner, President

Owner and Operator for 37 years and currently the President of Clarke & Co., Inc.  Mary is a graduate of Mesa State College (Grand Junction, CO), holding a degree in Plant and Animal Science.  She is very experienced and an uniquely creative designer with an amazing eye for landscape and the beauty it represents.  Mary is an avid horsewoman and co-owns Clarke Livestock with her husband, Mike.  Her innate business sense helped to lay the foundation for which Clarke & Co., Inc. continues to be successful today.


Mike Clarke:

Owner, Corporate Secretary

Owner and Operator with over four decades of experience in the industry.  Mike is a 3rd generation Landscape Contractor, having learned from his father and grandfather, both of whom were Nurserymen and Landscape Contractors.  He graduated from Mesa State College (Grand Junction, CO), where he met Mary, in 1980 with a degree in Plant and Animal Science.  Aside from construction Mike was a professional bull rider from 1977 – 1984, and currently owns Clarke Livestock with his wife, a land and cattle business based in Delta, Colorado.  His work ethic and love of his work provides a strong example for all of Clarke & Co., Inc.’s team.


Wacey Clarke:

Owner, Vice-President

Wacey is the current Vice President and has been with the company since 1995.  Having grown up in the family business, he is an experienced Foreman, Operator, Financial Officer, Estimator, and Superintendent.  He is a graduate of Trinity University (San Antonio, TX), where he met his wife Alex and earned Finance and Spanish degrees.  Wacey played football throughout school, and was a two-time all-conference Linebacker in college.  He is also the lead wrestling coach at Redlands Middle School (Grand Junction, CO).  Wacey’s tenacity keeps Clarke & Co., Inc. forward-moving and ahead of shifts in the industry.


Eli Clarke:

Owner, Ranch Supervisor

Eli officially joined the family business in 1995 but has been around it his entire life.  He is an experienced Foreman and Operator; currently supervising the Clarke Livestock ranch operations.   After a brief stint at Mesa State College (Grand Junction, CO), Eli’s love of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors made him a perfect fit for his current position.


Alex Clarke:

Office Director, Controller

Alex moved to Colorado and joined Clarke & Co., Inc. in 2005, following her undergraduate work at Trinity University (San Antonio, TX).  Throughout the years she has worked in a variety of capacities for the team, and continues to wear many hats.  Currently, Alex serves as the Controller and Office Director.  She will tell you her most challenging work is helping keep her husband and Clarke & Co. Inc.’s Vice President, Wacey, organized.  Her most rewarding work is raising Clarke & Co. Inc.’s future leaders (Parker and Payne).


Melody Evans:

Office Manager

Melody is the newest member of our office staff joining the company in 2013.  She comes to Clarke & Co., Inc. with over 24 years of professional business experience with a large Fortune 500 company.  Melody handles day to day operations that include but are not limited to accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, contract management, and safety coordination.  Wacey, Clarke & Co., Inc.’s Vice-President, has playfully given her the unofficial title of his “Right-hand Man.”


Jason Landini:

General Reclamation Superintendent

Jason has been with Clarke & Co., Inc. since 2012 ans is an accomplished Superintendent, Operator, and foreman.  Jason brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to our firm in regards to reclamation having worked in the industry his entire life.  Jason and his family, owners of Landini Farms, have been close friends to the Clarke family for generations.


Amie Salazar:

General Landscape Superintendent

Amie has been with Clarke & Co., Inc. since 2003 as a superintendent and foreman.  Amie has over two decades of experience in the landscape and irrigation industry.  Amie is wildly respected by fellow Clarke & Co., Inc. teammates and across the landscape and irrigation community alike.


Eric Foust:


Eric first joined Clarke & Co., Inc. in 2013 and quickly earned his way into his current role as Superintendent.  Eric almost exclusively works in our Reclamation division but has a wealth of knowledge in all areas of our business.  This makes Eric a highly valued employee and representative of Clarke & Co., Inc.


Joe Valerio:


Joe has been with Clarke & Co., Inc. since 2013.  He is diversified in the construction industry, having served in the landscape, asphalt, concrete, and general contracting capacities.  Joe is always one of the first on a job-site and the last to leave; never hesitating to work on a weekend to ensure a successful job completion.


Aaron Bellotti: