Clarke & Co., Inc. is a full service landscape, reclamation, and general contractor servicing the southwestern and rocky mountain regions.  Our scope of work includes seeding, mulching, soil preparations, landscape, irrigation, site furnishings, concrete, buildings, fencing, and earthwork.  In our history, we have exhibited a willingness to widen our scope of work and tackle unique and challenging projects outside the above listed work.  Examples include marina construction, remote trail construction, and other unique projects.

As a general contractor, Clarke & Co., Inc. has established connections with many of the reputable construction businesses in the area, and actively works with these firms on projects in subcontractor relationships.  These relationships include electrical, mechanical, plumbing, earthwork, building, asphalt, aggregate, and concrete contractors.  With these relationships Clarke & Co., Inc. is able to be a general contractor on a multitude of different projects of differing size and scope.  These firms stand as references to our work ethic and attention to quality control.